STORY.  Amee arrives unannounced to look for her birth mother, Miriam. She plucks up the courage to knock on the door and the woman she’s been thinking of all her life answers.  Once inside,  they struggle to connect; the past is painful to unpick. And when teenage mum Belle turns up, (Miriam’s younger daughter), Amee feels pushed aside. Belle knows nothing about Amee’s existence and Miriam tries to keep the sisters apart.  Amee’s bruised by this deceit and after the truth comes out, Amee decides to leave, never wanting to return. She has the truth, that’s what she came for.  Amee hears Belle arguing with her mum and watches her storm off down the road, taking her baby with her. Suddenley, Amee feels a pull towards her biological sister. Is this the bond she’s been seeking? Should she follow?

We shot Daughter in September (directed by Athena Mandis,  produced by Grace Nelder and DOP Babak Jani) and we are currently in post production. Here’s a few behind the scenes photos of our brilliant team. Photos by Katherine Audrey Hoard @kah_photography_


UTOPIA 6  :  A Virtual Reality short film for Breaking Fourth combining storytelling and VR.

Utopia 6  premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe as part of the Assembly Festival 3-26 August 2017. It is now available to download from major VR platforms including  Samsung VR , the WARP app on Oculus. and you can also watch it on Youtube 360 


“200 years from now, the world has been ravaged by environmental disasters and war. Just 1% percent of the population live in protected cities, built and run by the Utopia Life Corporation.

Utopia 6 is the latest city design from this company.”

Utopia 6 Hero


Rehearsals and recording with actors Elizabeth Boag, Georgina White and George Longworth.


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