UTOPIA 6  :  A Virtual Reality short film for Breaking Fourth combining storytelling and VR.

Utopia 6  premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe as part of the Assembly Festival 3-26 August 2017. It is now available to download from major VR platforms including  Samsung VR , the WARP app on Oculus. and you can also watch it on Youtube 360 


“200 years from now, the world has been ravaged by environmental disasters and war. Just 1% percent of the population live in protected cities, built and run by the Utopia Life Corporation.

Utopia 6 is the latest city design from this company.”

Utopia 6 Hero


Rehearsals and recording with actors Elizabeth Boag, Georgina White and George Longworth.


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Breaking Fourth’s Utopia 6 Reveals A Dark Reflection Of Modern Life