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POPCORN | 60 second play | By Jo Harper

LEE.                      You always share your popcorn.

ANNA.                  So?

LEE.                      Can I?

ANNA.                  Buy your own.

LEE.                      What?

ANNA.                  Fine.

LEE.                      Forget it.

ANNA.                  Said you didn’t want any.

LEE.                      So you’re still mad-

ANNA.                  What?

LEE.                      About Friday.

ANNA.                  I don’t care about Friday.

LEE.                      Yes, yes you do.

ANNA.                  I don’t want to share because I’m hungry. You never share.

LEE.                      That’s different.

ANNA.                  Why?

LEE.                      Because I thought you liked sharing your popcorn with me but I never share my popcorn with anyone.

ANNA.                  Mmmm. You might have to one day.

LEE.                      I won’t.

ANNA.                  Don’t touch my popcorn!

LEE.                      So it is about Friday?

ANNA.                  No!

LEE.                      What is it then?

ANNA.                  I’m just feeling-

LEE.                      What?

ANNA.                  Don’t be like that.

LEE.                      Shall we watch the, it’s starting now.

ANNA.                  The thing is-

LEE.                      If you’re like this we may as well-

ANNA.                  Listen-

LEE.                      Forget the film.

ANNA.                  What?

LEE.                      I’m going home.

ANNA.                  I’m watching the film.

LEE.                      Fine. Enjoy your popcorn.

ANNA.                  One more thing.

LEE.                      What?

ANNA.                  I’m pregnant.

LEE.                      Pregnant?

ANNA.                  Yes.

LEE.                      Having a baby?

ANNA.                  Yes. Now be quiet and watch the film.

LEE.                      OK.

ANNA.                  Popcorn?

LEE.                      Yes. Thanks. Thank you.