The Beach House

A play by Jo Harper.

Poster design by James Parson

A struggling musician moves to the seaside with her successful girlfriend in search of an idyllic lifestyle for their new baby but she finds herself drawn to her spirited sister-in-law and they begin a dangerous affair with life-changing consequences for the three women. 

Shortlisted for LIVERPOOL HOPE PLAYWRITING AWARD – “a great stylised piece…a sophisticated well-structured play” Liverpool Hope Playwriting Judge.


Delighted to announce we’ve been awarded Arts Council funding to develop #thebeachhouseplay in December 2021 at New Diorama, Broadgate.👇

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STORY – Full synopsis: Musician Liv shows her pregnant girlfriend Kate ‘The Beach House’, a dilapidated atmospheric old house by the sea. Liv wants to bring it back to its former glory and Kate agrees to buy it. They move in to start a new life together, Liv juggles her album with renovating the house while Kate commutes to work. But Liv is distracted by the appearance of Kate’s captivating younger sister, Jenny, and her relationship with Kate becomes strained. When baby Lola arrives, Liv struggles to find a new identity as a stay at home mum, her freedoms are curtailed and the new pressures further fracture her relationship with Kate.  Jenny re-appears seeking friendship and solace after having an abortion and Liv and Jenny begin an intense affair. It is only a matter of time before Kate knows the truth and they must deal with the fall out. The Beach House is a three hander play exploring female relationships and motherhood amidst the challenges of contemporary life.

London reading of The Beach House with an all female cast featuring Alana Maria, Hannah Kenifick and Olivia Dowd, 2021.

An introduction to The Beach House and the creative team, created by Timebomb Productions


The Beach House was first written as a male female script. It was performed script in hand as part of STEYNING FESTIVAL THEATRE TRAILS. It was also rehearse read at McCarthy Theatre, Scarborough as part of STEPHEN JOSEPH THEATRE SUMMER FESTIVAL, August 2016.