A short female led drama about an adoptee who finds her birth mother, exploring themes of identity, motherhood and belonging.


London Independent Film Festival – April 2022, Best short film Audience award


After 30 years of wondering, adoptee Amee turns up at her birth mother’s door to find out where she came from. But her birth mother’s kept her a secret from her younger half-sister (teenage mum Belle) and tries to keep them apart.  When Amee exposes the truth, she comes face to face with what it means to belong.

We’re delighted that Daughter won AUDIENCE CHOICE AWARD – BEST SHORT FILM 2021 at CINEfem Festival, Uruguay 2021

Won BEST UK SHORT at South Coast Film Festival 2022.

Won BEST ACTION – Reale Film Festival, November 2021.

Also selected selected for WRPN Women’s International Film Festival 2021, CINEfem Festival Internacional de Cine de la mujer, Uruguay 2021  and Europe International Film Festival, Warsaw edition 2021, London Independent Film Festival, April 2022, Soho LIFF 2022 and Borrego Springs Film Festival, Arizona 2023.

We shot Daughter in September 2020 (directed by Athena Mandis,  produced by Grace Nelder and DOP Babak Jani). Here’s a few behind the scenes photos of our brilliant team. Photos by Katherine Audrey Hoard @kah_photography_


UTOPIA 6  :  A Virtual Reality short film for Breaking Fourth combining storytelling and VR.

Utopia 6  premiered at the Edinburgh Fringe as part of the Assembly Festival 3-26 August 2017. It is now available to download from major VR platforms including  Samsung VR , the WARP app on Oculus. and you can also watch it on Youtube 360

“200 years from now, the world has been ravaged by environmental disasters and war. Just 1% percent of the population live in protected cities, built and run by the Utopia Life Corporation.

Utopia 6 is the latest city design from this company.”

Utopia 6 Hero


Rehearsals and recording with actors Elizabeth Boag, Georgina White and George Longworth.


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