Writing Female

Writer: Jo Harper This article was published in Thereviewshub.com Feb 23 2022 https://www.thereviewshub.com/blog-post-writing-female/ Recently I’m writing alot of female characters – I wrote an all-female short film Daughter and now an all-female play – The Beach House. I was always writing women but coming out of lockdown I decided I wanted to actively pursue stories about […]

Distraction and Daughter

Writing became an alien skill for me during lockdown, concentration gone, distracted by almost everything and agitated, worried, brain foggy. When I did manage to find a quiet corner (two teenagers homeschooling, partner working from home) I’d check BBC News compulsively, tap into the anxiety sharing on twitter.  If only I could just write for […]

24 Hours of Peace

Usually I like to spend Remembrance Sunday with my beautiful mum because she lost her dad in WW2. But this year I’ll be listening to the live performance of “24 hours of peace” and here’s why- 24 HOURS OF PEACE is a live artwork and performance for theatre and radio created by Neil Bartlett from […]

Non-Fiction Theatre

A blog about Non-Fiction Theatre and the early development of the headphone verbatim theatre technique. Recently I saw Twilight: Los Angeles, 1992 at the Gate Theatre in London.  It’s a timely revival (created by Anna Deavere Smith from recorded interviews) that asks pertinent questions about race and prejudice.  It was the first time I’d seen Anna […]

Christmas planning

I’m a parent but like many parents I’ve never had any interaction with the social services. I’ve heard the anxious whispers racing around the playground, the story about the woman who took her son to hospital with a head injury and then had to be supervised with her own child for months; the advice is […]

Writing for VR

Recently I wrote a short VR film called Utopia 6. It was commissioned by production company Breaking Fourth  as one of their VR shorts. My background is in playwriting so this was a new medium for me and I was keen to explore the question of how you might write a compelling narrative for VR. When […]