A play by Jo Harper.


During the 1960’s, a young woman lives in an unforgiving society and when she finds herself pregnant and unmarried, she gives up her baby for adoption. Afterwards, she lives a half- life, quietly, balanced precariously on the sleeping truth. Until years later a man searches for his birth mother and begins to unravel the secret, on the way he meets two biological brothers and their paths collide as they search to solve their biggest shared question ‘WHO AM I?

Jumping between time with an overlapping structure, ‘Buzz’ follows a young Maggie and an older Maggie in different time periods. As Maggie’s adopted sons search for answers, they’re thrown into a deep delve journey of emotional discovery about their own identity and DNA. Until finally, the three men are forced to confront an unbelievable truth about their biological parents. Buzz explores themes of identity, belonging and sibling love.

 a clever and complex play with real heart. It’s a well thought through script with a strong central plot and an intriguing structure that has clearly been very carefully worked out. Maggie, in particular, has a very strong and individual voice, with the two versions of the character sharing a voice in just the right way.” Papatango script reader. Through to second round of the Papatango playwriting prize, 2020

Verity Bargate Award 2020 – long listed in top 10% of submissions.

This is a finely written play with a strong and engaging narrative, putting pressure on ideas about brotherhood, maternity, and domestic abuse.” Feedback from The Bush Theatre.

I’m looking for a director to help me develop this play, if you’re interested in the themes, please get in touch.